Welcome to the Bad Leader Good Leader Experiment!
Welcome to the Bad Leader Good Leader experiment. It is our mission to open the eyes of blind leaders, bring awareness of the need to change, and through this opening facilitate radical leadership improvement.

Bad leadership has a permeating, negative impact on all team members, their families, culture and business. This is why you are here; because you want things to change and know they won’t unless the bad leader changes.

Please provide ONLY the leader’s full name and direct phone number. We will get in touch with them, and keep you completely anonymous because we aren’t collecting your information. We literally don’t know who you are, so no worries.

Please do not share a specific incident or your information. This is not about who reported the leader, or what happened most recently.


You are welcome to report leaders who are taking active steps to improve, going from bad to good. We will contact them with congratulations to keep going—positive reinforcement helps them do just that.

Thank you for being a Change-agent and participating in the BLGL experiment